“Coller La Petite” Singer Franko Gives His Life To Christ

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Cameroonian rapper, Franko has taken to social media to revealed that he has given his life to Christ. “Coller La Petite” Singer Franko Gives His Life To Christ.

According to Franko, he may have sung “Coller La Petite” but that was before and he is aiming for something else. He further urged his fans not to surrender their faith for the glory of this world.


Franko wrote:

Do not surrender your faith for the glory of this world.
I believe in God and I believe in Jesus Christ his Son and I will assume him wherever I go and before anyone
Yes, I sang ′′ Coller la petite … but this was before… it’s not the same one you see… now I’m aiming for something else.
Happy Sunday family… we’re together.
His fans took to the comment section to hailed him for abandoning his old lifestyle and embracing Christ.

Justin Hovozounkou:

Glory be to God. Courage and perseverance to you. Your yesterday fans won’t understand this pick. But don’t give up, follower of Christ.
Others however wondered if he is giving his life to Christ now because he has run out of inspiration, given that he has been missing in the music scene since his hit track “Coller La petite.” They also told him to delete the Coller La Petite song to show that he has truly given his life to Christ.

Alphã Dimitrīo:

Sing without disturbing people and if you’re really converted, start by deleting sticking the little one and others from your page after that now you can sing Jesus whatever you want and we’ll finally see a new man.
Franko rose to prominence after releasing “Coller La Petite” in September 2015. The song was a major hit throughout Cameroon and beyond. The song went on to become Cameroon’s most viewed song on Youtube with over 40 million views. However, the song was heavily criticized by may for promoting immorality.
“Coller La Petite” Singer Franko Gives His Life To Christ

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