Cleo Grae gives us a little insider on the “Na so” collabo.

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Hello guys,

Every living soul in kamer must have heard “Na so” by now. The collaboration between Tzy Panchak, Vernyuy Tina, Cleo grae and Vivid.

We managed to get Rapper Cleo Grae to give us a little inside juice concerning the collabo…

Good day Cleo, Hope you won’t mind answering a few questions concerning your recent collabo with Tzy Panchak.

No Problem bro, anything for the growth of the industry.

How did you get to know about the “Na so” Challenge??

I actually follow Panchak on social media so I saw when he put up the beats that anyone who feels inspired can drop a verse on it.

Why do you think you got chosen and what where your reactions when you heard you will do the official collabo with tzy panchack??

I just know he chosed me because he came across and liked wat I did and about how I felt when his manager told me dat I’ll be part of the official song. I felt gud actually because I admire his arts and I love doing music with anybody that masters their craft well regardless.

Truth be told, I wasn’t actually contesting for the the challenge that’s why I didn’t do anything official. When he first put up the instrumental it didn’t really inspire me so I ignored it, but then I was home watching videos on YouTube one afternoon and I came across the instrumental again and it got me really inspired and I just did a selfie video while freestyling with no intentions on participating in the contest but just for the sake of passion and uploaded it on I.G and tagged Panchak.

Was it your first time meeting tzy? And was he everything you expected??

It was actually my first time meeting him in person and we related like we’ve known each other before.

What was it like working with Tzy ??

It was a good experience working with him because he is a professional (same with Tina n Vivid) and we all made music seem very easy regarding the fact that we recorded the audio and shot the video same day.

What did it feel like when you heard the final sound track??

It obviously felt good when I heard the final song. I did enjoyed it just like anybody else out there and still haven’t had enough of it

Give us a crazy aspect about tzy??

Crazy aspect?? I’d say all creative minds have a little bit of crazy in them. It comes on & off depending on the atmosphere so can’t really be precise about that. But he crazy and he’s too much fun.

A few words to Tzy and Blu nation recording.

A word to Tzy I’d say he’s a G.O.A.T. He did something legendary and I appreciate the fact that he enjoys & believe in my arts to put me on his song.

Any upcoming projects from you??

Yeah I’ve got a whole lot coming up. Not certain about the order in which they’ll come yet but I’m bringing the best outta me.

Thanks alot for being with us today, we really appreciate.

The Pleasure is all mine.

Click Here To Watch “Na So” Video


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