“Christian Eriksen may never play football again ” Cardiologist reveals

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Inter Milan midfielder, Christian Erikson may not return to the pitch after falling to the hands of Cardiac Arrest on Saturday, June 12th. “Christian Eriksen may never play football again ” Cardiologist reveals.

Denmark faced Finland in their opening match in Group B in the ongoing Euro2021, when Erikson was stroke by cardiac arrest. This brought the match to a halt.

The 29-year-old was in action for the Danish team when he suddenly collapsed just before halftime but he was quickly attended to on the pitch. After his health stabilized, he was rushed to the hospital and he is already recuperating but there are doubts about his return to the game.

The man behind Erikson’s stability, Sanjay Sharma sports cardiologist professor who has worked with Erikson during his stay in Tottenham told PA news, Christian’s chances to return to the pitch is slim.

“I’m very pleased. The fact he’s stable and awake, his outlook is going to be very good. I don’t know whether he’ll ever play football again.

“Without putting it too bluntly, he died today, albeit for a few minutes, but he did die, and would the medical professional allow him to die again? The answer is no.”

“The good news is he will live, the bad news is he was coming to the end of his career, so would he play another professional football game, that I can’t say. In the UK he wouldn’t play. We’d be very strict about it.”

Professor Sharma warned the football bodies to be very careful if they want Erikson back to the football scenes. He added that they managed to bring Erikson back to the world.

Clearly something went terribly wrong. But they managed to get him back, the question is what happened? And why did it happen?

“Christian Eriksen may never play football again ” Cardiologist reveals.


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