According to a report on Hollywood Unlocked, published Today Saturday, Chris Brown and his crew reportedly fought Usher at his own 34th birthday party in Las Vegas last night.

Chris Brown was at the venue for his surprise 34th birthday party organized and hosted by Usher, himself.

Chris Brown and Usher

The reason for the brawl was principally because Chris acted rudely towards Teyana Taylor for unknown reasons. The insider observed that Brown appeared to be “visibly drunk” when he started interacting with her.

A few guests and Usher tried to intervene but at some point, according to the source, Brown called the “Confessions” singer a “coward” and left the party. The drama escalated outside the venue onto Brown’s bus when Usher confronted the singer about his behavior.

The source told Hollywood Unlocked that a physical altercation occurred between the two men with Usher leaving the tour bus with a “bloodied nose.”

Usher and Chris Brown at his party.

What do you think might have transpired between Chris Brown and Taylor? And do you think Chris Brown was right to beat Usher up after such a gesture? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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