Chioma’s Fans Heartbroken As Davido And Alleged New Girlfriend, Mya Yafai Lock Lips In The US

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Social media has gone buzzing as photos of popular Nigeria afro-pop superstar, Davido and alleged new girlfriend, Mya Yafai locking lips together have surfaced on the net. The two were spotted together at a party in the US. Chioma’s Fans Heartbroken As Davido And Alleged New Girlfriend, Mya Yafai Lock Lips In The US

This has definitely left fans of popular chef, fiancee, and fourth baby mama of the superstar, Chioma, heartbroken.

Davido and Chioma

News first went viral a few weeks back that Davido and Mya Yafai who is the ex-girlfriend of American female rapper, Young Ma were in a romantic relationship as they were spotted together when Mya visited Africa for a short vacation.

Mya Yafai

Most fans did not consider the rumors of Davido dating Mya seriously as there was no proof to them. However, recent photos of them locking lips together have caused fans to wonder if there is indeed anything going on between them. To some of them, this must be definitely heartbreaking to her fiancee Chioma and what was meant to be an “assurance” has perhaps turned out to be just one of the singer’s hit songs. Here are some of their reactions:

Bells Peters Ihotu says: So that assurance was just a music video? After all the oppression. It is FINISHED. Anyways we are still their online inlaws.

Optimista Richy says: Chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…!
Chioma’s Fans are in SEVERE PAINS over this.
ASSURANCE is now at the rate of 10% for Chioma…
Davido but why naaa???

Onyibe says: Forever they say is until whenever Davido gave her popularity and she gave him an heir. I think it was a great transaction.

Ogechi Ogueri says: Chioma is just tasting a little bit of what SOPHIA went thru… Sophia is a strong woman! it’s her turn now, be careful ladies, catching cruise is good, having fun is good, chopping money is the best, but do it with conscience, don’t be in a relationship where the foundation is heartbreaking… Davido after u finish… SOPHIA AND IMADE ARE WAITING FOR YOU… THAT Mya girl chikwa oku biko

Ekpere K Rosemary says Assurance don end, I believe she is enjoying her life which is the most important thing now for herself and ifeanyi, who no fear Davido and lineage of Solomon no go fear God

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