Charlotte Dipanda Finally Reacts To Lesbianism Allegations

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Cameroonian Afropop superstar, Charlotte Dipanda, has finally debunked rumors circulating on social media that she is a lesbian. Charlotte Dipanda Finally Reacts To Lesbianism Allegations

A few years ago, some photos of the female superstar with another female Patricia Essomba surfaced online and they have since then been raising questions on whether the female singer is a lesbian or not.

However, Charlotte has recently in an interview debunked the rumors as “baseless,” adding that they have been very harmful not only to her but to her family as well.

“I have been attacked by unfounded media. These are rumors which have been very harmful to my family. I have been insulted a lot. In these difficult times, I drew on faith in order not to doubt myself,” Charlotte told Couleur Tropicale on Radio France Internationale (RFI).

Charlotte Dipanda also spoke on her new album, and particularly one of the flagship songs which is titled l’ombre d’un autre” or The shadow of another,” in English.

In this song, she talks about the difficult conditions some women go through in their marriages especially marital humiliation and adultery in the home.

“It is a taboo subject in Africa that should no longer be. It is recurrent and it should especially not be considered as the norm. This creates enormous psychological damage because the woman is forbidden to complain and speak of her suffering. This calls into question the place of women in our society. I wanted to tackle this theme to encourage people to think about it. It is not a situation that must be endured and taboo, ”she said.

According to Charlotte Dipanda, no woman should be allowed to live under the shadow of another person.


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