CEO Of Atabong Music Shuts Down Record Label And Quits Entertainment

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Anu Jovette Atabong, the CEO of Atabong music record label has announced his decision to shut down the record label and leave the entertainment industry completely. CEO Of Atabong Music Shuts Down Record Label And Quits Entertainment.

Aside from closing the label, Atabong has also announced that his entertainment tv channel that was to be launched this year will no longer go operational. In addition, he will from today have nothing to do with anything concerning the 237 entertainment industry, including show up for shows and buying songs or albums or supporting anything at all that has to do with Cameroon music.

According to Atabong, he is quitting music after all the efforts he has put in to support both upcoming artists and established artists, what he has gotten back are disrespect and insults. He will continue using his Facebook page to educate our youth.

Aabong’s decision to close the label also means that Chindo, an artist who is currently signed under the label will go solo. Atabong has however promised to continue to give him all the support he needs.

Here is the full message Atabong shared on Facebook announcing his most recent decisions:

“Dear supporters of Atabong music am sorry to inform you all that I have decided to close down Atabong music and will from today have nothing to do with anything concerning the 237 entertainment industry. Please don’t invite me for any show, don’t send me any link to buy your albums. I have decided never to support anything concerning Cameroon music.

“I love 237 and I love Cameroon music but am sorry after all my efforts in supporting both upcoming artists and established artists, what I get back is disrespect and insults. I will continue using my Facebook page to educate our youth and I promise never to disappoint all of you who believe in me. I know some of you will say I lack the finance to continue with the label but am only responsible for my write up, am not responsible for your interpretation of the write-up.

“As for my daughter chindo, you are a winner, and am promising you publicly that I will always support you anytime you need my support. Am sorry I have to leave you now my dream was to make sure I put you at the top or help you to be financially independent. Am so sorry that I will not be available again to give you 100% support in your music career. Record labels please get Chindo and continue with her where I ended. Chindo is so talented. Established artiste please help this talented girl. All the needs you told me about, I will make sure my manager provides you with the needs. My lovely daughter I’m sorry for leaving you this way. 😭😭😭😭😭.

“Let me just stay on my Lane. Special thanks to all the bloggers and fans who were true supporters of Atabong music. I love you all and will miss you all so much. Am so sorry but I will continue impacting lives in other ways but Cameroon entertainment is not for me. Even the music channel I was about to launch for it to be functional, I will automatically close it down. Am done with anything concerning 237 entertainment.”


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