” I can boastfully say kamer has the best rappers and messengers in Africa” Young Holiday.

Kampiiproductions: Hello readers on today’s edition of Six Questions with a celeb we have the amazing rap sensation Young Holiday. So Young Holiday how is your day? Young Holiday: My day is good and I have to say I’m really excited to be here. Kampiiproductions: okay so straight to business, First we will like you […]


“Mic Monsta is more of a father,” says kwata Music star Besingi.

Hello readers, on today’s session of six questions with a celeb we have an upcoming rap sensation who has caught the crowds attention by rapping in his mother-tongue. Kampiiproductions: Hello Besingi and welcome to your edition of six questions with a celeb. Besingi: The pleasure is all mine and I have to say it’s great […]

“I started shooting videos with an IPad but today I shoot 4k, never give up” says Director Mr.Asa

Hello readers and welcome to another edition of six questions with a celeb, today we have no one else but a powerhouse Director known as Mr.Asa. Kampiiproductions: Hello Mr.Asa, how is your day? Mr.Asa: Good morning kampiiproductions, my day is blessed. Kampiiproductions: For a few who are yet to know you, please tell the readers […]

“The greatest challenge youths face is taking 100% responsibility for their lives” Says motivational speaker Brenda Kimbi.

Kampii Productions: Good afternoon Brenda looking pretty.   Brenda Kimbi: Aww thank you that’s sweet.   Kampii Productions: Welcome to our session of six questions with a celeb.   Brenda Kimbi: Well the pleasure is all mine.   Kampii Productions: Tell those who don’t know or who haven’t had a chance to meet Brenda Kimbi […]