Advantages of using Roll-on Deodorant

helensakwe | 19.05.2021 | 0

Application of deodorant such as Roll-on is a very essential part of your daily hygiene routine. Also, your choice matters a lot. The right deodorant keeps you dry, whether you are […]


5 Benefits of Cuddling

helensakwe | 02.04.2021 | 0

Everyone in a relationship both male and female enjoy their partner’s company and love spending time with them. One of the activities they enjoy doing most is cuddling and also between […]

Is the Covid-19 Vaccine safe? Humanity at risk.

brendasisse | 13.03.2021 | 0

Some people notice pain or swelling where they get the vaccine. Fever, muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, or sometimes a combination of these symptoms have been reported as side effects after receiving […]


Poetic Orator | 08.02.2021 | 0

BENEFITS AND SIDE EFFECTS of MASTURBATION. There’s a popular saying which reads “98 percent of the world masturbates and the other 2 are lying.” Do you masturbate? Have you engaged in […]


Another Major Sex Scandal Hits The Cameroon Media Space (Video)
"You're A Fraud" Brenda Biya Drags Dencia On Social Media
"I Approached Kameni For A Collabo But Her Response Was Shocking" Mimie Reveals
Another sex tape hits the Cameroon media - BEAC worker and Urban community lady

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