“Projections from the UN shows that by 2050, over a quarter of the world’s population will live in Africa. These people will need to be fed, emphasizing the need for solutions geared towards efficiently scaling up the production of local, subsistence crops. A good B example of such a crop is cassava“. That’s where CASSVITA comes in.

CASSVITA founded by PELKINS AJANOH and NEMBU MILTON is a company based in MUYUKA (BUEA), CAMEROON WEST AFRICA. CASSVITA  process Africa’s raw materials in order to fed Africa and the world at large.


                   CASSVITA processes Cassava and turns it into more preservable and durable finished products such as FLOUR, CHINCHIN, SPAGHETTI, BEER etc. These products are non-allergenic ( grain-free, nut-free and gluten-free).


CASSVITA currently partners with over 200 farmers from which they buy Cassava from and turn it into finished Cassvita products. CassVita provides employment to the people of Muyuka both directly and indirectly, as most farmers increase their scale of production of African products due to the influence of the CassVita innovators and inventors who have been employed and well trained.

This summer, CassVita will host some United States students who will be visiting the company for internship. They are hoping to learn more about the culture of Cameroon and the innovations of CassVita. CassVita will be expecting other interns from various parts of the world including Cameroon.

CassVita has prototypes of its products which have been consumed and highly rated. CassVita is still to hit the market with its products and these will be as soon as they complete their intense survey of the economy. CassVita plans to open the first mega cassava factory in Cameroon come 2020.

CassVita is currently looking for remarkable talents to join their team in accomplishing their goals and mission of creating new recipes, cuisine and culture for the “magical” Cassava


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To join or learn more about CassVita, LIKE them on FACEBOOK  here or visit their website


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