Cameroonian Professional footballer, Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui has unveiled his new luxuriousb building, at Logpom, Douala.

He calls the magnificent building “The 5 Residence”.

The residence also provides free water and electricity to neighbors, in case of outages.

Ngadeu who is currently 32 is also working on establishing a school and a travel agency.

Those are some huge investments there, a great way to prepare for retirement and the rainy days, if you ask me.

It’s a known fact that top rated Celebrities (Footballers, Musicians, Actors, Comedians, Social Media Influencers and other entertainers) make a lot of money from their jobs, gigs, endorsements and other businesses they create from profits from their jobs.

However, we have seen some of these celebrities, not just in Cameroon, but equally in other parts of Africa, who, during their retirement couldn’t continue to afford a lifestyle close to what they use to have.

We have had cases of some celebrities going back to the streets during retirement to do menial jobs or even beg from the public when they have challenges.

Shouldn’t Ngadeu’s investments be a wake-up call to other celebrities to carryout similar investments now that they are still active in their careers and still have the money, so they can fall back on those investments during their retirement?

It may not always be easy, things may not always turn out the way we expect. So this does not imply that every celebrity who could not afford a good lifestyle or did menial jobs or even beg from fans during retirement, did that because they didn’t invest, No. Anything could have happened.

However, this, perhaps, should be an action that other celebrities can copy. It would definitely be a step in the right direction, because as a Footballer, you won’t play forever, as a musician or actor, you may not sing or act forever.

What happens when you are no longer in the limelight, when the applause is low and the endorsement deals stop coming? What do you fall back on?


By Nkafu

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