Camus Mimb/Malicka Sex Scandal: Camus Mimb Begs For Forgiveness

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Cameroon’s renowned Sports Journalist, Martin Camus Mimb who has been trending on social media lately for allegedly drugging and sexually taken advantage of 16-year-old Malicka has finally come out to beg for forgiveness from Malicka and her family.

Heartbroken and his eyes fill with tears, Camus Mimb at a press conference this Friday apologized to Malicka for everything that happened in his office and went on to also apologize to the girl’s family, well-wishers, his wife, and children.

“I humbly turn to the Lord and say unto him I come unto you Lord. In your infinite mercy and kindness, you always forgive. I kneel down before you and pray,” Camus Mimb asks forgiveness from God.

“Ladies and gentlemen,
Let me thank you very sincerely from the bottom of my heart for being
present in this room.
On June 16, 2021 around 16 pm, social media flooded with photos and videos taken at our company premises. Submerged by the messages, I’ve been troubled by this unprecedented situation in my life.
Before God and men, I regret this unfortunate situation.
Allow me to address the victim I imagine hard-tested,
Malika, you whose dignity and honor have been flouted, I beg your forgiveness.
As a man, big brother and father, I regret everything that happened. I’m going to
pray to the Lord to strengthen you and allow you through this milestone while
keeping faith and trust in life.
I would now like to address your family who suddenly found themselves on
the spotlight lights without her consent, despite her. I imagine your
anger and your suffering to see your child’s privacy so unveiled and put
in the public square. I don’t know if you’ll have the strength to forgive, but I
humbly ask you. Anytime in the interest of malika, I love you, wishes for the soothing of hearts. Let’s allow her to find that anonymity again protector and that tranquility that will allow her to rebuild herself.
My deepest apologies, I present them to all these women and all these
men who were shocked. I think especially of fragile people
that I go with. To these disabled men and women, young and old who
thanks to my actions have regained some hope and confidence. I imagine your
pain and your suffering. You have carried me in your hearts and prayers since the
beginning of my disability to this day.
In these painful times, I’m going through with you, I also have a thought
moved for my publishing house, which trusted me and invested inhumanly, financially, and emotionally to let my
story to the whole world through the editing of my book. Today she finds herself in a particularly embarrassing situation. I am in it deeply sorry.
To you my friends who supported me in good faith and you consider betrayal. I’m going to get it deeply regret and promise to make efforts to deserve your
precious friendship.
Finally to my wife here and my children, I beg forgiveness. Excuse me
for making your life hell. Milan Kundera used to say… Live in a world
where no one is forgiven, or redemption is denied, it’s like living in hell
Yes, our current life has become hell, I don’t wish it on anyone.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Counted today, my social media accounts (Facebook; Instagram)
will remain idle.
I humbly turn to the lord and say unto him, I come unto you Lord.
In your infinite mercy and kindness, you always forgive. I’m starting to
knees before you and I pray.
I thank you.”

However, despite Camus Mimb’s apology, a group of women believes it is already too late. They have held a protest in front of Radio Sport Info, demanding justice for young Malicka.

It should be noted that Martin Camus Mimb had earlier denied any involvement in the sex tape that recently surfaced on social media. According to him, the girl and her boyfriend came to his office to buy his book and when he stepped out to finish a program on air, they decided to use his office for the act.

Camus Mimb’s apology is coming when his book has been banned, there has been enormous pressure for him to be banned from practicing journalism and cut off from any organization he has links with, and most recently, he has been sued by a group of lawyers fighting to see that Malicka gets justice.

Camus Mimb/Malicka Sex Scandal: Camus Mimb Begs For Forgiveness.


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