Cameroon’s youngest parliamentarian Nourane Fotsing vows to take policemen to court for assault

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Cameroon’s youngest parliamentarian Nourane Fotsing vows to take policemen to court for assault

33-year-old Nourane Fotsing Moluh has vowed to take several policemen to court for harassment and assault.

The parliamentarian on Eid Mubarak celebration faced confrontation with A 3 star Nguil Patrick and his colleagues. She said they threatened to shoot her in front of his kids and husband.

A week after the incident, Hon. Nourane has come out to clear the air about what transpired in Baffousam

“Policeman said he would shoot me, and even touched his gun in front of my kids…he seized my phone and threw it to the crowd,” Honourable Nourane Foster gives her version of her confrontation with Police in Bafoussam!

“I have to say the truth out of respect for the people, my party and the National Assembly. That day (July 20th) …as I arrived at the barricade at Quartier Hausa, I saw a taxi and a pickup with a CA number plate that used that track, but when I wanted to pass, I was denied. I asked why and the policemen said it was due to prayers. I asked them which prayer they were talking about when Muslims were already returning home from the prayer ground. Everyone had finished praying. They told me it was impossible because it was an order from the Governor. I told them of the vehicles I saw pass and asked them why I couldn’t. That was when I presented myself as Honourable Nourane Fotsing and told them I was going to Foumban to feast with my family.

Just then, a policewoman took off the bench that I should pass. At the moment my driver tried moving, another policeman came with so much anger and said I couldn’t pass. His female colleague tried explaining but he was so angry not to listen. I told him I could use the other road showed me but I have seen people use that particular one.

I should be precise that this was happening around 9:50 am. For a Muslim that I am (daughter of an Imam), I knew prayers were done. He insisted the Governor had ordered and I told him I was invited to that same ceremony. Tempers began rising. From one policeman, it became 3 to 4. I then told my driver to go down let me take the steering so that it doesn’t become his problem.

Just then, I entered to go and the policemen said I should step out. I said ‘You speak to an MP like this? It’s not normal’ It was from there that the viral video was being recorded. They didn’t even recognize my title… Has to be said I worked hard for this and Wouri East is the biggest constituency in Cameroon with 2.5 million inhabitants. I didn’t insult anyone. I remained polite. I’m still in shock.

One said, “I will shoot you!” As we see in the video, he put his hand on his gun. I asked him “You will shoot an MP?”, he said ” You want to see?”, in front of my kids. I don’t know what was wrong with him. He lost his head and forgot all the lessons taught to him in the police corps– to protect, to restore calm, etc. My son was shaken by the situation and said I should call Papa. I didn’t know an MP could be treated that way in Cameroon…I represent an institution. The constitution is clear. We can’t say we should respect the President, yet we can’t respect an MP. Power is given by the people to only two institutions –the executive and legislative.

People began filling the area. Meantime they were harassing my husband. The policeman said, “MP my a**, MP my eye”. It’s grievous. I didn’t insult. I decided to pass and that was when I pushed one who was standing in my way. As I reached for the bench blocking the road, he pushed me to fall. I then took out my phone in a bid to find a solution and he seized it and threw it into the crowd. That was about 3 seconds after the video stopped.

The population approached me and pleaded that I calm down. Meantime, there was a truck horning behind me, alongside bikes, so how could they even say I forced my way through 3 barricades??? The policewoman who had taken off the bench for me to pass came and returned my telephone.

It was then that I called the Governor who sent the SDO and a commissioner of police. When the SDO asked that the road be opened, the policemen denied and only accepted when the commissioner asked them to.

When I met the Governor, I explained what had happened. He called the Regional Delegate of National Security and the Delegate told him I hit his boys. I tried explaining but again, I was not listened to because I’m a woman. The policeman was called too and he denied everything saying I was the one that lost control and was being calmed down. I demanded an apology and he said couldn’t apologize for anything.

I didn’t eat at the event. I was traumatized by what happened to me and my family. After the event, I took photos …and then went to meet my family in Foumban. It was there that I learned a video was circulating online… I just told myself God is a just and fair God and hopefully, the truth will prevail, ” recounted Honourable Nourane Foster this afternoon.

The ambitious lady has fired a law sued against these policemen. will she get the justice she seeks? Stay glued to us as we follow this story. Don’t forget to subscribe in our site.

Cameroon’s youngest parliamentarian Nourane Fotsing vows to take policemen to court for assault



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