A woman from Cameroon has alleged that she is the biological mother of Nigerian star Actress Mercy Johnson.

According this mother who has a striking resemblance to Mercy Johnson, she got married to a Nigerian from Kogi state. They had three children and she was pregnant with the fourth when her mother came from Cameroon to inform her about her father who was critically sick and wanted to see his grandchildren before passing.

Her husband however told her to go with the last child as it would have been difficult to take the entire family to Cameroon. She left Mercy Johnson and her elder brother Martin Ngei with their father and left with her last daughter.

While in Cameroon, she was unable to reach her husband. She was informed that her husband who went on a journey had died in an accident and left the kids with a certain woman.

After having her fourth baby, she immediately left the baby with her mother and returned to Nigeria to get her other kids but couldn’t find them. She equally could not locate the woman her husband left the kids with.

She adds that since then, she has been moving to and fro Nigeria just to find her kids for over 30 years, but to no avail.

She says when she finally found Mercy, she reached out to her through Actor Francis Duru and Mercy told her they would have to do a DNA test to confirm her story.

She went to the hospital and the person who came to meet her was Mercy’s husband, Prince Okojie. Prince Okojie told her he does not know her and she is not the person she paid Mercy’s bride price to. Mercy’s alleged mom told him he was not there to take his wife away from him.

Prince Okojie added that he was only going to take care of Mercy’s Bill’s for the test and told her to take care of her own Bill’s herself. According to the woman, she found this very embarrassing as she didn’t have any money, as she had spent all her money on transportation costs to Nigeria.

Mercy Johnson’s alleged mother has reiterated that she is not after Mercy’s money because she has been surviving on her own all these years.

She further alleged that Mercy’s birth name is Ngei Magdalene and she was born in 1982 and she is absolutely ready for a DNA.
She says Mercy invited her to Nigeria and all the while, she has been there, just struggling to survive as she has no home in Nigeria.

Social media users have agreed that she in deed looks like Mercy, especially her daughter Purity.

Mercy Johnsons parents who raised her are both dead.

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By Nkafu

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