Cameroonian Singer Lesline Quits Circular Music For Gospel As She Clocks 24

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Cameroonian Singer, Ewimbong Lesline, known artistically as Lesline clocks 24 this February 08, 2021. To mark her birthday, the singer has announced that she will no longer do circular music, but will only sing for the Glory of God. This means henceforth, Lesline will only release and feature in gospel tracks. Cameroonian Singer Lesline Quits Circular Music For Gospel As She Clocks 24.

The “I DO” crooner has also begged her fans not to tag or associate her with anything that has to do with bad energy. She said she has moved on from all the challenges and betrayals she’s experienced recently and all she wants to do now is to let love lead.

Here is the message Lesline shared with her fans and supporters to celebrate her special day:

“I am grateful to God for being counted amongst the living, There’s exactly nothing that makes me feel better today than the knowledge that it’s chapter 24 of my life, I loved the person I was, and I love the person I have grown to be.

“Birthdays do not come every day, neither do they come every month. I will shout out to the voidness of all things because today is the happiest day in my life this year. Here’s a message from the depth of my heart, to say thank you to everyone who has always rendered a helping hand in my time of need. This journey wouldn’t have been easy without all of you.

“The last few days of my previous year were very challenging and the plan was to make me look ungrateful and full of hate, but I overcame with the guidance of the Holyspirit,

“To everyone who took advantage of the whole situation to pour out their hate for me and shade me from mere assumptions you only helped me to understand more about life 😊, and I’m grateful.

“Taking this bold step wasn’t quite easy and in the process, I stepped on a few toes knowingly and unknowingly, and today I outrightly ask you to forgive me🙏🏿, to those I confided in and we made strategic plans together but took advantage of the whole situation and betrayed, accused and even “Pontious Pilated” me, for selfish reasons, I forgive you too🥰, no need for negative energy and grudges. the most important thing to me now is I can publicly magnify the name of Jesus without fear of intimidation or any consequences. (I chose to stay quiet for very sensitive reasons no matter how I was pushed to the wall, that’s why I have canceled my aimed live session today)

“It is a period of probation for me because, in the school of GOD, you don’t skip a class to graduate, I am heartily taking the lessons life is teaching me as they’re grooming me to the strong and better woman I am growing to be.

“For the records, no one was called “untalented” in the process😉.

“Please do not tag or associate me to anything that has to do with bad energy, I HAVE MOVED and Let love lead. Expect lots of good tidings from me.

Let’s make Jesus famous💃🏿”

We wish the singer a happy 24th birthday.

What are your thoughts on Lesline’s decision to become a gospel artist? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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