Cameroonian Singer, Gasha, has announced she is expecting a baby.

The excited 32 year old first time would be mother took to her Official Facebook page to share the news with her fans.

According to Gasha, she has always wanted to have a baby more than she would have wanted to get married and though she and her family would have loved for this to happen in holy matrimony, she considers this a big blessing.

Here is what Gasha wrote:

“I’m pregnant🥰. I’m soooo grateful.. I just can’t keep it to myself no matter how much I’ve been cautioned to. I always wanted to have a baby way more than I wanted to get married.., my family and myself would have loved for this to happen in holy matrimony for stability, but it’s a blessing and I love every parts of it.
Treat me gently like you would a lady with child🥰 It’s been a long time coming.❤️ can’t wait to know the sex😍!!! Shout out to it’s daddy🥰😍! We fell hard and fast. And it was/is perfect. Let’s see where this goes… 🦅🥰

Thank you Lord.❤


Congratulations to her.


By Nkafu

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