Cameroonian female rapper and Chef, Tilla Tafari, has taken to her official Facebook page to seek help from the pubic.

According to her, she recently left her restaurant in the hands of her elder sister and shockingly, when she returned, everything was gone and the business was in ruins.

Here is Tilla’s post on Facebook:

I handed the keys of my stocked restaurant to my blood elder sister before leaving town for two weeks as per the lockdown in Bamenda.

I thought it wise to go do some networking out of town especially as I was preparing to expand on seafood. Despite the fact that she had been selling, I returned back to a totally and completely empty kitchen and no money at all. All my investment was gone.

I almost had a heart attack. To make it worse, before leaving she allowed the kitchen tap open so water over flowed into the lounge and the whole floor which was covered in carpet was all wet and eventually started producing a horrible scent.

To top it off, she borrowed money from Big G(Proprietor of the restaurant location) and disappeared. She has avoided me since then and I haven’t even set eyes on her.

I tried to keep it on the low and handle the shock but covering up is only making me more frustrated. I’ve been hoping to get back to business ASAP but it has been really difficult to raise another capital on my own.

I’m calling on supporters, well wishers, food lovers, investors, sponsors and cultural promoters to support me regain my business. I’m a mother with a son to take care of and we all know how unsustainable entertainment is in this country as an independent artist.

You can reach me through this number
6 72 26 54 30 Thanks for your understanding and God bless you abundantly.”


By Nkafu

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