Cameroonian Rapper And Boss Of OTANTIK ENT Yung Time Was Arrested Today

markismanga | 04.08.2020 | 0 | 237 INSIDER with Kampii , Latest News

Early today we got unconfirmed News that Military Men in the South West region of Cameroon Buea precisely went out doing what the People locally call “Cale Cale” meaning Mass Arrest.

This Evening we noticed that CEO of OTANTIK ENT  Yung Time who recently attained his Masters Degree was arrested too and according to him as Seen on his Whatsapp Status

  • He was arrested for looking good

  • Paid money to be releasedSetup motives were created by the Military men

Is it now illegal to look good?

Why do yoy think the Military Men Do Mass Arrests?

Share your thought with Us



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