Confusion reigns in Yaounde, capital city of Cameroon as a 68 year old man who reportedly died earlier this year, has returned to their family house.

According to family members, Lucas Endomo Essomba was confirmed dead on April 16, 2023, by the Jamot Hospital, where he was receiving treatment for a mental illness he had been suffering for 20 years.

He was later buried on May 27, 2023.
However, family and friends were shocked when Essomba returned to their family house recently, looking strong and showing no signs of being mentally sick.

Findings are on course to uncover the mystery behind the Essomba story. Did he actually die? Did his family bury the corpse of someone else? If Essomba died, how come he is still alive? These are questions that would continue to beg for answers until the entire truth is uncovered.

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By Nkafu

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