Cameroonian Jailed Homosexual, Shakiro Threatens To Expose All Fellow Homosexuals

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Cameroonian Jailed Homosexual, Shakiro Threatens To Expose Fellow Homosexuals in Cameroon

Cameroonian homosexual, Djeukam Loic, known popularly on social media as Shakiro has recently in a social media post threatened to expose all fellow homosexuals. Shakiro was recently sentenced alongside another homosexual,Roland Mouthe alias Patricia to 5 years imprisonment by a Court in Douala, for practicing homosexuality.

Shakiro has however said he is not going down alone. According to the controversial crossdresser and social media sensation, she has been sentenced to prison alone, whereas the people he was practicing the act with are still out there enjoying their freedom.

He wrote: “I Shakiro has been condemned to 5 years imprisonment because of my sexual orientation. As if I’ve stolen all of the country’s money. They have arrested me alone as if I was making love to myself. I will mention all my partners.”

This has of course got many Cameroonians reacting. To most of them, they can’t wait to find out who these homosexuals are. They also think this recent post from Shakiro comes to confirm that Shakiro is not just a crossdresser but an actual homosexual. Recall that Shakiro had earlier said he was just a crossdresser and social media comedian and not a homosexual.

“Where are those who said he is just a crossdresser not gay? Come and hear from the horses mouth… human rights defenders. Anyway na so this Shakiro don take get he passport out of prison,” a facebook user comments.

“When you call their names, back it up with evidence. You were caught because you decided to go public. So cry your cry you one, no add people,” another facebook user writes.



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