Cameroonian engineer living in Australia commits suicide.

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Cameroonian engineer living in Austria commits suicide

Social media was taken by shock today watching a Cameroonian by the name of Kenfack Martin dive into the cold hands of death.

What pushed the Cameroonian engineer living in Australia to take away his life?? Allegedly, he found out his wife Clemence is pregnant with twins for another man.

Martin was a struggling man living and working in Sydney Australia. He raised money and flew his Cameroonian wife to Australia. Months into his wife’s pregnancy, Martin ran some tests and discovered his wife was pregnant with twins. The heartbreaking news was, Martin wasn’t the author of these twins.

He could not bear the shame, heartbreak and had to throw himself from a tall storey building. What an embarrassing death.

His Nigerian friend came a minute late to save him. video of the suicide isbelow, take a view…..


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