Bitkutsi Singer, Lady Ponce, has dragged fellow Bikutsi singer, Coco Argentee, to court.
Lady Ponce is suing Coco Argentee for contempt of tribe, ethnicity, defamation and spread of fake news.

Lady Ponce
Coco Argentée

According to the lawsuit, Coco Argentée made a post on social media on July 27, 2020 and it read:

“PONCEFACK, it’s time you and your vampires stop destroying the names of other artists for your glory. When something is exaggerated,it’s ugl*y.

“A birthday is a time of rebirth…ask God to forgive you for the evil you’ve done to people. Are your fans wider than mine? Stop it! Ask God for forgiveness…he has to forgive you for all the evil, injustice, boycott, complicity, towards us.

“Power is not se*x…it’s not relationship. I am waiting for you. Am ready.

“And I have all your voicemails. It’s time to stop all this super darling game. People should stop playing deaf and dump. Am Coco Argentée Of Bikutsi” – Coco Argentee (July 2020)

Coco Argentée had in another post explained that Lady Ponce has refused to perform on the same stage with her on three different occasions. Whenever Lady Ponce notices they have been invited for an event together, she either leaves or made the organizers take Coco off.

Both singers are to appear in court on September 19, 2023.

Here are photos of a copy of the lawsuit:


By Nkafu

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