Cameroonian Artistes Divided On The “Support Your Own” Campaign.

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For quite a long while now in Cameroon, there has been this whole talk about “supporting your own.” Though the topic is trending now on social media more than ever before, it didn’t just start today. Cameroonian Artistes Divided On The “Support Your Own” Campaign.

Recall that in December 2019, Nigerian superstar singer, Wizkid was invited to the Unity Palace by the Presidential couple for an end of year party. Most Cameroonians were apparently not happy about that. They wondered if there were no artistes in Cameroon worth sending an invitation for such events and if you must invite an international artiste, why not invite Cameroonian artistes as well.

Also, in November 2020, there was a grand wedding between the children of some of Cameroon’s top billionaires: daughter of Sylvestre Ngouchinghe, CEO of CONGELCAM SA and the grandson of Late Kadji Defosso, Founder of Kadji Group. Some international renowned artistes including Flavour Nabania from Nigeria, Fally Ipupa from Congo as well as the Kassav group(JACOB Devarieux and Jocelyne). However, no Cameroonian artiste was invited, not even the most renowned ones. That of course didn’t sit well with most Cameroonians. Why would they invite a host of artistes for an even in Cameroon where both celebrants and virtually all guests are Cameroonians and yet, none of the artistes are Cameroonians?

And then, most recently, it has been announced that Nigerian star, Naira Marley will be performing in Cameroon on February 14, 2021.

Given some of these factors, there has been a growing campaign spearheaded by a few entertainers such as Comedian Old Pancho CY International for Cameroonians to support their own, consume their own, and help their entertainment industry grow by listening to their own songs and playing their own songs in clubs and at other events.

Old Pancho, Cameroonian comedian
Old Pancho, Cameroonian comedian

However, it appears Cameroonian artistes themselves are divided over this issue. While a few have supported the “Support Your Own” campaign, others seem not to be bothered and are apparently very satisfied with the status quo.

Which entertainers are championing this campaign? Old Pancho is top on the list. He is not only championing the campaign but also want foreign music to be completely banned in Cameroon. Not only that, he also want foreign artistes especially Nigerian artistes to be banned from performing in Cameroon. Rapper Stanley Enow is also in on the campaign as he had earlier told DJs in a private party in Douala to tone down the way they play foreign songs for hours and hours in their job sites.

Another rapper, Ko-C also made a video recently and called for a ban to foreign music especially music from Nigeria. According to him, Nigerians do not know our artistes, neither do they listen to Cameroonian songs, so why continue to patronize their songs when they can’t do the same for us?

However, apart from this few, most Cameroonian artistes seem to be indifferent. A Cameroonian female singer, Reniss for example recently came out and clearly said you cannot force anyone to listen to your music if they don’t want to and everyone has the right to listen to whatever they want to.

And then, there is a Naira Marley concert that is coming up on February 14 in Buea. It is the first time the Nigerian star will be coming to Cameroon and he will be performing alongside some Cameroonian artistes including Mic Monsta, Fhish, Askia, Rich Khasino, Show Yoh, and Taron X.

If they have accepted to perform at the concert, then it is a clear indication that they are not interested in talks about banning foreign songs or foreign stars from performing in Cameroon since they will be performing with a foreign star.

All in all, if there is one thing most Cameroonians have agreed to, it is the fact that it is important to support your own and consume your own but at the same time people are free to listen to whatever is appealing to them and if your song is good, then it will definitely be worth listening to.


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