Cameroon fast-rising rapper Fuchor reveals a man asked him for sex in exchange for fame

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Cameroon fast-rising rapper Fuchor reveals a man asked him for sex in exchange for fame

The entertainment sector is a mysterious world only those who are spiritually strong and focus stand out from the majority.

Fast-rising Cameroon rapper Fuchor who is signed to Tallanga Pictures has disclosed about a big man in the industry who has promised to give him fame if he has sex with him.

One of the fastest rappers revealed this to Hip-hop Min5 which is one of the biggest hip-hop blogs in Cameroon. That promotes rappers in the country and beyond.


A man trying to sleep with me to give me fame… It’s happening to a lot of upcoming artists out there but no one is stepping up to speak out”
237 Rapper Fuchor – Artist speaks about his ordeals as an upcoming artist in the world of entertainment!: Hip-hop Min5 wrote.

This is not the first time such news is coming through in the industry. Months back an anonymous lady approached a blogger to narrate the ordeal her brother went through because he wanted to become a good blogger.

According to the lady, her brother took a trip to Douala to undergo training to become a professional blogger but instead his trainer lure him into homosexuality in exchange for fame.

A million questions are why up comers in the industry choose to indulge in sects, cults to become rich and famous. Below are some reasons that push upcomers in the entertainment industry to cult and scrupulous acts.

1-Patience: This is the one thing our young generation lack to become successful. They want to sing their first song and it blows. Watching at elderly people in the industry like Magasco, Jovi, Stanley Enow. They started from Scratch to be where ever they are. Magasco worked with PitCardi on an alleged percentage of 30. He was exploited but endured till his present destination of fame now.

2-Hard work: Without hard work, up coming artists will always look for shortcuts to make it. We havee fast-rising artists like young Holiday, Fuchor, Rinyu etc who are portraying hard work and they are harvesting their inputs now. Skipping hard work in your career will land you to cults.

3-Consistency: This is the backbone of success. Many rising artists begin their careers well but in the shortest time could not maintain their consistency hence solicit shortcuts.

4-Company(Girlfriends, Peers). This is the last but not the least factor that pushes upcomers to cults and sects. The entertainment industry is a road in which whatever traffic you face speaks a lot. Only friends can advise an artist to join cults due to pressure.

Some girlfriends come into these artists’ life to curb them with their demands. Like it is said the devil always uses women to achieve their goals. Upcomers need to be mindful of the girls they keep. Not all girls will support their dream to be patient till the right time.



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