Brenda Biya born again? See why

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Cameroon’s first daughter, Brenda Biya has been in the news lately, as she continues to make revelations about herself to Cameroonians. Brenda Biya born again? See why

After telling the public she is naturally rebellious, the CEO of Bree magazine unveiled being closed to God.

The rapper and singer told her fans she has a unique relationship with God. She further says each time she has problems she goes to God and he answers. That God gives her the peace she desires.

She said:

“I feel like my relationship with God is different, sure all of us have different relationships with him. Mine is truly the daddy-daughter type. I have problems and I just vent to him. I pray.. he brings me a lot of peace. 🙏🏽❤️” she wrote:

This comes as a shock to Cameroonians who didn’t see the rich president’s daughter being Godly. While others attribute her to a pretender, some of her fans thank God for her life and prayed she stayed on this path of life forever. see screenshots below

Brenda Biya always faces backlashes from cameroon due to her father’s rule amid this, she still maintains a positive reputation on media which is appreciated by many. Like it is always said ” Children should not suffer the sins of their parents”

Brenda Biya born again? See why


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