“Brasseries du Cameroun, mutzig star” pay Vanessa.

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Hello guys,

Tori dey, you would not even believe me if I told you that it has been over 3 months and the winner of Brasseries du Cameroun “Mutzig star” competition Vanessa Monjoa by name has not yet received her 1 million fcfa cash prize nor the car that was said would be given to her. “Even kobo nova enter the girl ei hand”, what is les Brasseries du Cameroun waiting for to give this artist’s money? No one knows.

According to Lion nation who seems to be the CEO of Lion Nation entertainment based in limbe and Vanessa Monjoa just happens to be an artist under his label, Vanessa Monjoa A.K.A VAJ has not received any penny from the mutzig star organisers.

In order to support her, other 237 artists and entertainers as a while have been uploading pictures on social media platforms asking les Brasseries du Cameroun to give the singer her cash prize and her car.

The amount in question is a very small amount of money for a company like Brasseries du Cameroun to offer to an up-coming artist because the money cannot even afford to shoot a good video for the artist not to talk of giving her an established career.

This is a disgrace to the mutzig star competition organisers and a shame to les Brasseries du Cameroun as a whole. So please do what you can to support Vanessa, join the campaign let us ask les Brasseries du Cameroun to #PAYVANESSA.


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