Bonteh threatens to sue Comedian Old Pancho For Attempting To Sabotage The Naira Marley Concert.

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Plans are underway to welcome Nigerian popular singer, Naira Marley to Cameroon, in the showbiz city of Buea, on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021. Bonteh threatens to sue Comedian Old Pancho For Attempting To Sabotage The Naira Marley Concert.

However, Naira Marley’s visit may not be coming at a good time to many; a time when there is a growing call for foreign music to be banned in Cameroon and also for foreign artistes to be banned from performing in Cameroon, especially Nigerian stars.

That call was first made by a Cameroonian Comedian, Old Pancho Cy International, who has continued to championed the campaign up until now.

Old Pancho, Cameroonian comedian
Old Pancho, Cameroonian comedian


Old Pancho has also threatened to stop Naira Marley’s concert in Buea. Pancho recently took to social media to advise Naira Marley to return the money he has been paid to perform at the concert because, according to him, Cameroonians don’t want Marley here in Cameroon.  Pancho made it clear that they don’t have any issue with Naira Marley neither is it a xenophobic attack but they have realized Nigerians don’t support and patronize Cameroonian music as they do for Nigerian music.

However, one of the promoters of the concert, Cameroonian Blogger, Media Personality, and founder of the Bonteh Digital Media Awards, Bonteh Engelbert has come out to issue a strong warning to Old Pancho to either desist from sabotaging the concert or face severe consequences.

Bonteh Engelbert
Bonteh Engelbert

In a Facebook post, Bonteh added that if Old Pancho continues, he will not only be sued but every dime he has made from comedy and acting will be used to pay damages and he has to apologize within 24 hours.

It’s a month to go before it is Valentine. Fans of the controversial Nigerian star are excited to welcome him to Cameroon and tickets ranging from 10,000 Fcfa to 1,000,000 Fcfa are currently on sale but with all that has been happening, they can’t help but wonder if they will see Naira Marley in Cameroon anytime soon. Old Pancho is not the only Cameroonian threatening to stop Naira Marley from performing in Cameroon. A few other music promoters in the country have sworn to either stop the concert from happening or ensure that it is boycotted by Cameroonians.

Bonteh Engelbert has in another post told Marlians in Cameroon to stay calm, pay little attention to the distraction, and wait for their President on Valentine’s Day.


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