Blaise B promises to do a 10million FCFA giveaway if fans buy his Album

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CEO of Akwandor music empire, Blaise B has shared the good news of doing the biggest giveaway, with an imaginary plan after the launch of his upcoming album. Blaise B promises to do a 10million FCFA giveaway if fans buy his Album.

The Eposi crooner says he plans to make the biggest gaveaway in Cameroon with a whopping sum of 10millon frs. He went further to do a mathematical calculation how the 10million frs will be deduced from his album.

The former Alpha Beta Records artist did a calculation of all his followers on Facebook, instagram, Twitter,YouTube to equate 416,700followers. He multiplied by 1000frs which the album will be sold, it gave 100,million frs. From this Bliase B asked if 10,millionfrs won’t be enough for giveaway.

He wrote:

I’ll do one of the biggest give away immediately I drop my first official album ( 👉That’s If y’all promise to buy the album )


Let’s do the MATHS with the number of followers I have on my various social media platforms :

Facebook; 160k followers
Instagram; 170k followers
Twitter; 10.7k followers
YouTube; 19.9k followers
Channels ; 56k Followers

Total 416,700 followers

👉Now, imagine just 100,000 of all my total followers buys my song for 1000frs through mobile money or Visa card,
that’s 100,000.000 francs CFA

So with such an amount, why will I not share 10million or more with my fans /followers ?

Many Balise B fans were not okay with this plan with the reason, he did a wrong calculation. They further stated that, he may have counted one follower 4 times whích gave that amount.

Nevertheless, some of his fans applauded him for thinking about his fans and plan to impress them.

Blaise B promises to do a 10million FCFA giveaway if fans buy his Album.


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