Big G Baba Calls Out Francophone Bloggers For Failing To Promote Anglophone Content

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Cameroonian Kumba based rapper BIG Baba has accused French-speaking bloggers of being responsible for the slow growth rate the Cameroonian entertainment industry is currently experiencing. Big G thinks if French-speaking bloggers could just do their job in the same way English speaking bloggers have been doing theirs, “then the industry would have been far bigger than this.” Big G Baba Calls Out Francophone Bloggers For Failing To Promote Anglophone Content.

According to Big G, French-speaking bloggers hardly ever share pure English or Anglophone content on their blogs but their English-speaking colleagues regularly promote French content on their blogs. If at all, you find Anglophone content on their blogs, it would be Anglophone artistes who sing in French.

Big G adds that this only goes to defeat the whole talk of the entertainment industry being one as most people in the industry only pretend to support the “oneness concept” but when it matters, they become very self-centered.

Well, after Big G’s post, fans have hurriedly rushed to the comment section to either agree or disagree with B G’s comments. While a few have corroborated B G’s remarks, saying they have equally followed French blogs and they hardly ever share Anglophone content, others think it is completely false and Big G is just mistaken in his comments.  For this second set of people, they also follow some French blogs like Bimst: Be in Music Street, Zic a la Une, On joss le zik, and others and they have seen these blogs promote Anglophone content.

As a matter of fact, in response to Big G, a fan told him that one of his songs was featured on BiMstr just last month. However, Big G isn’t having any of that. Citing the upcoming Naira Marley concert in Buea on February 14, Big G says if it was scheduled in Douala, it would have been on all French and English blogs but since it is in Buea, only English blogs are promoting it.


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