Beard Gang vs Victor Kange. The full gist!

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Beard Gang vs Victor Kange. The full gist!

Its been two days of a clash between 237 showbiz manager Victor Kange and Beard Gang Music (Qilla, Askia, and Lama)

It started with a post from 237showbiz, about the recent collaboration between Askia x Lama x Qilla titled my place dey. (WATCH My Place Dey Here). 237showbiz posted a trailer of the video without the link for followers to watch the full video.

This made Askia draw attention to that post, pouring out words of disappointment towards the biggest anglophone blog. She compared the blog to Hiphop ville saying they are doing a better job than 237showbiz.

Victor got pissed and made reference to Askia’s bag concert which he streamed live without receiving a penny from her. He promised never to post anything in relation to Askia and her team Beard Gang Music.

See screenshots

This has been the main topic of discussion for the last two days on who is right and wrong. People like Free boi lama, Qilla have gone live and given their points of view on the issue but the flame still at its peak.

Askia has taken down the post which raised the flames and has gone mute on the issue.

Yesterday Askia husband Qilla, took to his page to narrate the genesis of the entire issue

See screenshot


After this revelation by Qilla, fans now realized where the problem is though the majority are against Askia for being unappreciative.

Trust us to bring you more updates on this…

Anticipate Qilla’s E.P “LGIOW”

Pic src: Ndasi Media


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