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Don’t be fooled & cajoled by the pleasantries of flourishing cultures to the very neglect of yours. Your origin is your identity, it’s your root, it is your cradle.No matter how small or inferior your culture may be before the eyes of many, be proud of where you come from.

Some people spend their entire life being ashamed of their origins & even go to imaginable extents to get rid of them. Living a life of complete falsehood similar to one of a fugitive. You may deceive the world & everyone around you but you can’t deceive yourself.

Truth to be told, the cultures you admire & envy was once upon a time as small & even way inferior to yours but still, this people didn’t lose sight of hope with regards to building a better one.

It’s all about proving that notion & assumption wrong which can only be done through endless commitment. Like the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so rather than running from your origin, embark on a reformation.

If you can’t be proud of where your from how can you ever be proud of yourself?

The ever-evolving world we live in today is thanks to the notion of identity which doesn’t only cuts across individual identify but more of general identity. Nations earned their reputations thanks to identifying & positive deeds towards the promotion of their origin. When we speak of Japan today the first thought is “TECHNOLOGY” that’s their identity among other nations which is as a result of general commitment despite being victims of unfortunate events with regards to history.

Rather than fleeing from your origin for those of others, cultivate an image & reputation for your origin that will stand out positively among others. If you don’t know where you are from then you won’t know where you’re headed. Even if you’re all alone with your reformation plans, don’t back down. You will be surprised by those who may join you in the long-run due to your motivation.

So stop hiding & falsifying who you are & instead get rid of the negative stigma on you. Your hiding & disguising won’t save you but your commitment towards building a better one will. Your origin is your home, your origin is your national sense of pride. So fight for your identity and be proud of it.


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