ATM Entertainment Says Fhish Still Has Attachments With Them As He Has Failed To Officially Terminate His Contract

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UK based entertainment agency, ATM Entertainment has issued a statement to inform the media and general public that Cameroonian singer and performer, Fhish still has attachments with the label and has not terminated his contract with them as he had announced a few months ago. ATM Entertainment Says Fhish Still Has Attachments With Them As He Has Failed To Officially Terminate His Contract

Fhish, Cameroonian singer

The label had sent a mail to Fhish in January informing him about a breach of contract; failing to report to their lawyer’s office to sign an undertaking pledging to uphold the terms of his partnership contract to the fullest and going on shows without notifying his manager nor the label. The label added that they had decided after several board meetings and deliberations to terminate their collaborative partnership contract with Fhish.

Mail from ATM Entertainment to Fhish

This contract of termination had however not been signed by Fhish but he went on to announce to the general public that he had terminated his contract with the label for personal reasons.

He wrote on Instagram:

“I Mbonjem Lesly Aponglen stage name Fhish hereby announces my termination of a partnership contract with ATM entertainment Uk for reasons really personal to me and to the whole of Cameroon music industry. We need love for the arts above any other thing without that we are only heading to a wealthy future with no legacy. What a beautiful way to start the week.”

However, according to the recent statement from the label, the artist hasn’t still deemed it necessary to terminate his contract with ATM entertainment officially through the signing of some paperwork to confirm his ousting from the label. The label adds that it was inappropriate, uncalled for, and unprofessional that Fhish published a confidential email with a notice of termination, labeled as his decision to quit the label.

According to the label, Fhish has continuously ignored the calls of lawyers while at the same time propagating wrong information to some media houses that he is no longer signed to the label. They have therefore called on these media organs, promoters, and music labels that Fhish still has attachments with them and they are accountable for all his actions, shows, interviews, and general public outings till he signs his contract of termination.

Statement From ATM Entertainment to the general public

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