Askia’s Manager And PR Resign After Working With Her For Barely 3 Months

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Cameroonian Bloggers Ndicho Boris and Fon Noel have both resigned as the manager and PR of Cameroonian rapper Askia this Friday, February 12, 2021. Askia’s Manager And PR Resign After Working With Her For Barely 3 Months

Ndicho Boris
Fon Noel

Recall that in November 2020, Ndicho and Fon took up the task to act as Askia’s manager and Public Relations Officer respectively.

However, barely three months after working with the rapper, they have decided to terminate their contract.


According to a release signed by Ndicho and Fon, their decision to part ways with the rapper is mainly because she has several times taken decisions on her own without consulting them and some of these decisions which can be evidently seen through her social media posts have raised several controversies in the last few weeks.

Recall that Askia recently made a post about a Cameroonian blog 237 Showbiz and that was not well received by her fans. She also got slammed and threatened when she advertised entry tickets to the CHAN semifinal match between Cameroon and Morocco. She however apologized and took the post down hours later.

Ndicho and Fon have however added that they will continue to work with her from a distance as it has always been and have equally called on music lovers in Cameroon to continue to support her art and career.

According to Askia, to remain professional, they had to agree to part ways.  So there are no personal issues between her and them. They just couldn’t work together.


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