Askia Shades Mel B For Celebrating The Cancellation Of Naira Marley’s Concert

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Cameroonian rapper,  Askia has recently in a post shaded fellow artist, Mel B Akwen for celebrating the cancellation of Naira Marley’s concert which was scheduled to hold in Limbe on Valentine’s Day. Askia Shades Mel B For Celebrating The Cancellation Of Naira Marley’s Concert


After the concert was banned by government authorities, Mel B took to social media to praise another concert which was successfully organized in Kumba on the same day by Cameroonian fastest rapper Ko-C and mock Naira Marley for failing to do the same.

In Mel B’s own words:

Na Ko-C last teach that love wey that aside weed upcoming artist promise for cam teach we? Hahaha… Say 237 artists can’t do it? Psuip… They did not only do it but did it on same day!! Hahaha ah.”


Mel B Akwen

Meb B’s comments apparently didn’t sit well with Askia who was equally scheduled to perform in the concert alongside Naira Marley. She has in a post that appears to be a reply to Mel B said she finds it interesting that Mel B who stated her music career, pretending to be a Nigerian, has for several years been singing like a Nigerian, has moved from singing in pidgin to singing in French and yet still sounds like a Nigerian is now celebrating the fact that a Nigerian artist was banned from performing in Cameroon.

Askia did not explicitly mention Mel B’s name but her post unarguably shows that she was referring to her as :

Firstly, Mel B is the only female artist who has put up a post that appears to many as a post that celebrates the cancellation of the concert.

Secondly, Mel B began her music career by singing in pidgin English and was not so comfortable with Anglophone artists singing in French. Now, she does not only sing in French, most of her lines and social media posts are in French.

Finally, Askia in her post used a few lines from one of Mel B’s maiden songs “E di pain me” ft Big G Baba. “E don di pain me too now. Ehhhh I don die ohh.”


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