Askia Breaks Up With Husband Ryme Qilla

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Askia Breaks Up With Husband Ryme Qilla

Cameroonian rapper Askia has taken to social media this Monday, September 27, 2021, to announce the end of her marriage to fellow rapper Ryme Qilla.

According to Askia, she did not only part ways with Beard Gang music which is owned by Qilla but has also parted ways with him.

Askia wrote:

“Ryme Qilla and Askia parted ways not only for Music but also as a couple. Wanted to keep it to myself but it’s best everyone is aware for other reasons. Don’t wanna talk about it. Don’t ask any questions about it. Just Respect my peace right now. Thank you.”

Recall that Akia and Qilla got married in 2019 and welcomed their first baby Nairobii in 2020. The ex-couple however faced a couple of marital issues including cheating allegations according to some social media issues.

Askia and Qilla

A few months ago, Askia changed her Facebook name from Ma Njungi (her husband’s name) to Mami Bakala. Recently, she announced she was parting ways with her her husband’s record label Beard Gang Music and now, she has announced their marriage has ended.

Askia Breaks Up With Husband Ryme Qilla


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