Askia and Tilla end online Beef. See photos

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Askia and Tilla are two giant female rappers in Cameroon. A list cannot be drawn of top female rapper and these two doesn’t feature on top of the list. With all the rap prowess these two celebrities possessed, they are never on good terms. Askia and Tilla end online Beef. See photos

Trying to understand the source of Askia VS Tilla beef per se conflict, is trying to understand the beef between Jovi and Pascal. What’s my point? We can’t point a finger at the sources of the problems. Like it is said two lions can’t rule a jungle nor two captains on the same ship, there must always be squabbles.

Insights of these two comings together began when Askia was going through turbulence in her marriage. Gists filtered the media about Askia splitting her husband because of extramarital issues. This was confirmed when Askia went live crying. Since then her female colleagues in the industry started sending her motivational messages, one being her long-time enemy Tilla. see what Tilla wrote on women’s day to Askia below…

” Happy women’s day @askia just to let you know you are loved and appreciated its not my place to say but if it helps you have to stay strong for your daughter. I say this cus I know how it feels as a mother. one love sir. Praying for you with love and peace.” She wrote on her Facebook Handle

After this warm message to Askia, so many fans were contradicting themselves in the comment session if these two have finally set aside their beef. The question was answered today when pictures of Askia X Daphne X appeared on Askia’s page with a peaceful caption announced the Unity of the Two rappers again. Read and see pics below


What I’m not confused about is the world needing much more love, no hate, no prejudice, no bigotry, and more unity, peace, and understanding. Period!!!!

This was echoed many years by Stevie wonder and I feel it now stronger than ever.

Askia and her sister TILLA decided to bury the hatchet after Askia and “OH PAPI” surprised her at her ABU Tokyo Night Club event.
Daphne E.N. always knows how to set the mood for anyone around her. Thanks for taking care of our queen dear “Oh Papi”.

There is something about fallouts and making-ups that turn me on🤣.

Let the love lead Askians.🤗🤗🤗



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