“As You Share Evil You Will Receive Evil” Mel B Mocks Askia As She Battles Marriage Crisis

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Cameroonian singer, Mel B Akwen took to Twitter this Saturday, March 6, 2021, to make a mockery of fellow artist, Askia who has been going through a very severe marriage crisis with husband Qilla over the last few weeks. “As You Share Evil You Will Receive Evil” Mel B Mocks Askia As She Battles Marriage Crisis

Mel B tweeted:

“Small Mplyko rapperest, it is called Karma!!!  Karma is a f*ckin biach!!!!! As you share evil you will receive evil!!! Booooom!!! But I still pray for you tho!! My prayer point is, change your ways daughter. #Lapichichi.”

Askia has been having marital issues with her husband Qilla for several weeks now. She has been asking her fans to join her pray to God for strength because she is beginning to lose it. And that is partly why most fans who have seen Mel B’s post think she is being very insensitive to the plights of a fellow woman.

Mel B Akwen

“I didn’t know Mel B was this low. How dare you mock a woman in pain and come with your pretentious prayer. This world is turning around and definitely, your turn will come trust me. I have been thinking she is different but this is very childish of her,” a fan writes on Facebook.

All I can say is Askia is a strong woman… whatever she is going through will come to pass. Never mock your fellow woman no matter what. “What happened to the woman code?” another fan adds.


Well, Mel B and Askia who have been besties in the past, have always had their differences and have had their fair share of social media fights as well. Their last fight before today was in January when Askia took to Facebook to call Mel B a “wanna be Naija artist” who moved from singing in Pidgin English to English and finally to French.

Askia was angered by a post Mel B had made a few days earlier, celebrating the cancellation of the Naira Marley’s concert which Askia was scheduled to perform at and possibly do a collabo with Marley.

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