“Apart from music I intend to open an association for women” Daphne. Read more about what Dahne said during her heart to heart chat with fans on Instagram.

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Hello readers, Gist dey.

Yesterday singer and song writer Daphne went live on her Instagram page and had a little heart to heart talk with her followers …

This is the little info we could gather for you…

The singer was asked

-What advice can you give to young girls who aspire to be like you??

You have to be strong, It is not easy be sure you are called to be an artist and be ready to work your a** out. Some people think music is easy, it is not that easy… And patience is key, be patient and you have to work hard. Patience humility and prayers, always make sure you pray because God holds the key to everything.” Daphne.

-Tell us about Dr.Nkeng and Salatiel.

“Nkeng and salatiel are people I have worked with from the begining Nkeng actually encouraged me to sing …. Nkeng encoraged me to come out of my comfort zone, so I am forever greatful to him for that.” Daphne.

Daphne was later questioned about her greatest fear and she responded as such…

My greatest fear is having all these people that say I love you but dying in your bed alone, Thats my greatest fear.Daphne.

She opened up about her greatest challenge and said…

My greatest challenge right now is surpassing what people think I am… My greatest challenge right now is beating Daphne.” Daphne.

She went on and told us about an association she plans to launch sometime this 2019…

“Apart from music I intend to open an association for women and this association will be about finding out those things that hinder women from excelling and I will really focus on sexual abuse and the impact it has on the mental development of the woman which is something we do not really consider in cameroon.”

“I think my role in life was not just to sing but to help young girls because I suffered alot from onferiority complex and lack of selfworth and lots of other things im going to talk about when I launch my association.” Daphne.

Well that was all we could get for you this time around.

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