Anglophone artists addressed as francophones on International grounds.

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Hello readers,

Still on the Made in Cameroon Music festival but this time around it concerns three of four artists who left Cameroon to go represent us abroad Namely Magasco, Stanley Enow and Mr. Leo.

Rewind to a few years back when the “singing in French” arguement used to trend on all over Cameroon, well today it’s reaping it’s fruits as the three artists mentioned above where addressed as French Africans by BET International. Singing in French is a good marketing strategy for the artists because a higher percentage of our population is made up of French speaking Cameroonians, but at what cost?

From the above picture we can say that these artists are loosing thier identity on international grounds due to the fact that 95% of thier songs and lyrics are in French. It maybe to late for them to change but to the upcoming acts we would love to listen to Some good English tracks.



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