Cameroonian Goalkeeper, Andre Onana, has officially ended his retirement from International football and joined the Cameroon National team again.

This is coming shortly after the Head Coach of the Indomitable Lions, Rigobert Song posted a list of 24 players to defend Cameroon in an upcoming AFCON qualifier match against Burundi this September. The list included Andre Onana who had already retired from International football.

Here is a write up from Onana, confirming his comeback:

“In the world of football just like in life as a whole, decisive moments come that demand crucial choices. In the past months, I’ve been confronted by challenges marked by injustice and manipulation. Nevertheless, my love for, and attachment to, my country remain intact.

My desire to represent my country has never changed since my youth and that aspiration remains a part of my identity. Nothing or no one can stop that conviction. I answer the call of my nation with unshakable certitude, conscious that my return not only honours my dream but also responds to the expectations and support of Cameroonians who merit a national team that is determined to shine.

In the face of manipulation, lies and abuse of power, I choose to be faithful to my ideals by proudly representing my country that merits our sincere engagement.

I salute the efforts of the Cameroon government that is working for a better Cameroon for all.

My thoughts extend to the Cameroonian people to whom I say thank you for the support, and whom I’m excited to meet.

Time, the unfailing judge of everything, will end up clarifying and revealing the accuracy of our actions.

My commitment to Cameroon remains indefectible and I’m determined to play my role to see the country prosper.

Let’s take a rendezvous for the 12th of September 2023 for our qualification for the Africa Cup of Nations.”


By Nkafu

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