All You Need To Know About Kayanmata – The New Trend Everyone Is Talking About In Cameroon

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All You Need To Know About Kayanmata – The New Trend Everyone Is Talking About In Cameroon.

If you are a regular social media user in Cameroon, you would have noticed “Kayanmata” is currently the new trend on every social media platform. Everyone is talking about it and many are just having fun and just catching cruise with the trend.

Why Kayanmata has been trending within the last two days in Cameroon

Recently, a recorded conversation of apparently two or three girls on the subject of Kayanmata leaked on social media. One of the girls was advising her friends on how to use Kayamata (charms) to gain favors from men. According to the unidentified girl, her boyfriend does literally everything she asks him to do just because she is using kayanmata on him and she has also used it to charm other men and they have fallen head over heels for her.

She even went on to list conditions for usage such as not sleeping with them or having sex with them on your body.

The issue of Kayanmata may be trending on the Cameroon social media space but it is in fact not something many are hearing for the first. It is very common in Nigeria and many including celebrities even go on to advertise and sell Kayanmata products.

What is Kayanmata?

“Kayanmata” originated from the Northern part of Nigeria and refers to herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers. Beyond that, some of the products are now used by women to attract and find favor in the eyes of men.

Some of the products are sweets, lubricants, perfumes, makeup, herbs, sweetener powders and spices, waist beads, hand beads, and leg beads.

Naturally, kayanmata’s major purpose is to improve sexual experience for women. Women with such sex-related conditions as poor libido, vaginal dryness, poor sensitivity, anorgasmia, etc. may use kayanmata for treatment.

Is Kayamata safe?

Since Kayanmata is made out of fruits, herbs, and natural spices, it is, for the most part, healthy. According to those involved in the use of Kayanmata, there is nothing wrong with using it and it is not a charm.

But many wonder if that is really true especially as some users have confessed to using it to control men.

There has been a lot of controversy about the effects of Kayanmata products in tying down men without their consent or inducing possessiveness.

To many, this shows voodoo is used in making it. Though, vendors claim that this is not true.

Well, if you really want to use Kayanmata because you are convinced Kayanmata is harmless and can enhance your sexual pleasure, you should be careful of your sources and what exactly makes up the ingredients.

All You Need To Know About Kayanmata – The New Trend Everyone Is Talking About In Cameroon.



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