Cameroon Government increases cost of Making passports

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The  General delegate of National Security, known by it’s french acronym DGSN, today made some changes for passports in Cameroon. Additional 35,000frs added in Making passports in Cameroon.

The changes as the General delegate said came from the head of state. Granting press conference in the city capital, Passports witnesses an increase from 75,000frs to 110,000frs.

From July 1st, 2021, A Cameroonian passport will cost 110,000 Francs CFA instead of 75,000 Francs CFA.

The cost of issuing a passport in Cameroon will rise from 75,000 to 110,000 FCFA, an increase of 35,000 FCFA (+ 31.81%) from July 1, 2021 according to an ordinance signed by the head of state on June 7, 2021. The increase in cost is sure to modernize and fasten the production process of the travel document.

The rise in cost has happened 2 times in the past 20 years. The cost has changed progressively from 30,000 FCFA to 50,000 FCFA to 75,000 FCFA  and now to 110,000 FCFA.

Cameroon will now have the title of the second most expensive passport in Africa just after Chad at 125,000 CFA in the first place and before DR Congo at 90,000 FCFA in third place.

Passports in Nigeria cost on average 65,000 FCFA,  60,000 FCFA in Ghana,45,000 FCFA in Gabon, 40,000 FCFA in Ivory Coast and as low as 20,000 FCFA in Comoros Island and 10,000 FCFA in Equatorial Guinea

Before this increase, the DGN promised as the prices of the passport increases so it will take two days to be released.

Many Cameroonians worry how express passports which cost 250,000 frs takes a week to be released and the regular passports which now cost 1.10,000frs will take 2 days.

Are these methods to console Cameroonians with the drastic increase of an additional 35,000frs for passports? Our hand is crossed to see how the government works its way out of this. Additional 35,000frs added in Making passports in Cameroon.


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