Popular Nigerian Gospel Comedian, Woli Arole, has announced he would be embarking on a 5000+ hours of praying, with the aim of setting a Guinness World record for the longest praying time.

Ever since Nigerian Chef, Hilda Bacci, unofficially broke the Guinness World record for the longest cooking time (100hrs), it appears other Nigerians are keen on breaking more Guinness World records.

Another Chef, Damilola, is currently trying to break that cooking record. She wants to cook for 120 hrs nonstop.

And just when we are still trying to assimilate that, boom!, Woli Arole is here to set his own record; 5000+ hours (208 Days and 8+ Hours) of a prayer marathon.

He has not announced the starting date yet, but he has told his fans to anticipate, adding that it is doable. He equally tagged Guinness World Records on his announcement

Some Instagram users have actually wondered if he is doing it for human recognition or God’s approval.

Here are some reactions from Instagram users:


By Nkafu

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