5 Causes of Overweight gain and Obesity

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We all know the importance of food to the human body and how everyone needs food. It gives us energy, keeps us healthy, strengthens us, and many more. We all need food at least to survive and grow. It needs to be taken in a good quantity and rightly that is why there exists the term “Balanced diet“ which is necessary for every human being. 5 Causes of Overweight gain and Obesity.


5 Causes of Overweight gain and Obesity

But when food is taken in a way that it’s not supposed to be taken it becomes a problem which has effects and one of them is overweight or obesity. Thousands of people around the world are struggling with overweight gain and doing everything possible to overcome it because they were not aware of the causes. In this session, I will be giving us some of the reasons for overweight or obesity.

1 Genetics
Some persons have so much weight or obesity because they are genetically susceptible to weight gain. This news that it is a generational something or a family thing. Genes are believed to be responsible for obesity or weight in people according to scientists. So some people being fat is something they inherited. Genes contribute a whole lot.

2 Insulin
The intake of insulin in the body also affects your weight. Insulin helps in controlling the blood sugar level in the body. High levels of insulin intake create a greater risk of being overweight or been obsessed. It is therefore advisable that it should be taken in small quantity.


3 Aggressive Marketing.
Food producers spend a lot of money marketing junk-food. And they mostly target especially children who are unaware of the kind of food to take and what not to take. Some people also spend a lot of money on junk food from food producers without knowing or doing research on some of the consequences of consuming a lot of junk food.

4 Food addiction.
Some people are so addicted to food in a manner that to them they can likely die without food which is not even true. And most people are addicted to sugar-sweetened, high-fat junk food which stimulates the reward centers in the brain. It is true that sugar is good for the body but when it becomes too much it turns out to be a problem. So we are advised not to take a lot of sugar because it is not healthy.

5 Zero Exercise.

Most people turn to gain much weight when they eat more calories than they burn it through activities. This imbalance is one of the greatest reasons why people gain more weight or even become obsessed.

Thank you for reading through. Hope you got to know a thing or two from reading through the article.

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