5 Benefits of Cuddling

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Everyone in a relationship both male and female enjoy their partner’s company and love spending time with them. One of the activities they enjoy doing most is cuddling and also between a mother and her little baby.

Cuddling means to hold close in your arms as a means of showing love or affection. It could also be between a mother and her little baby. Other than strengthening and making the bond with your partner strong through cuddling, it has some health benefits too which will be given to you in this session.

1) Improves sleep.

With your blood pressure lowered, your stress lowered, you feeling at ease and happy, why won’t you sleep comfortably?. However, if you fall asleep while cuddling, you are more likely to sleep for long. You will lose sleep after every sleep cycle ( about 2 hours) before falling back asleep.

2 ) Relieves pain.

Oxytocin suppresses your body’s sensitivity to pain. As cuddling causes the secretion of Oxytocin pain is suppressed during and after cuddling. This is more effective in females than in males because their bodies secrets more oxytocin.

Cuddling has been found to be a more effective pain reliever than over-the-counter pain meds like Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, and Rufenac.

3) Improves overall efficiency and productivity.

A less-stressed person is more likely to be happier and more productive in life than an unhappy and stressed person thanks to cuddling.

4 ) Lowers Stress.

Cuddling blocks the release of the stress hormone -Cortisol – and this lowers stress levels. Lowering Cortisol levels also lowers blood pressure and improves the heart’s health.

5) Improves heart health.

Cuddling lowers blood pressure which directly improves heart function and efficiency. 5 Benefits of Cuddling

Above are some benefits of cuddling which are good for one’s health. Cuddling doesn’t have to be only between partners but it could also be seen between a mother and her little baby and so on. All the above are beneficial to our health and our health is always our greatest priority


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