4 Reasons Why Magasco Will fill Paposy during the Golden Show.

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Recently Empire company‘s artist Magasco revealed that he too will have his concert at the Paposy after Maahlox and Tenor which is set to take place on 18-08-2018 and tickets are available at all PMUC kiosks.

Filling Paposy has been the objectives of the above artists. Maahlox already did and we are waiting on Tenor and Magasco.

We are here today to give you a few points on why Bamenda Boy Magasco Will fill up the Paposy.

Date Difference

The time range from Tenor’s concert to Magasco’s “Golden Show” which will take place on 22-12-18 is quite huge. So after attending Tenor’s concert and spending months without any other major concert Fans will crave and want to attend another concert and fans being informed now will help them prepare for the upcoming “Golden Show”.

Festive period

The date choosed for this Concert was a good move as it falls during the festive period which is a time for relaxing and family bonding and also people are willing to spend. More to that it would be during holidays allowing fans of all age groups able to attend the concert.

Magasco fan base

If you are to mention top 5 Cameroon Artists Magasco should fall amoung, why? Because of his delivery of back to back hit tracks and consistency. This is just to prove the singer has a huge fan base.

Being an Anglophone who has the hearts of francophone fans will help the singer fill up Paposy since as viewers from both sections will attend the concert making it a huge crowd.

Empire Power

Emipre Company has made it’s name as far as Cameroon record labels are concerned having signed artists like Rhytmz(K Master K & Phillbill),Mimie,X-Maleya,Pit B. just to name a few. Empire is a label who doesn’t joke with promotion when it concerns thier artists meaning the “Golden Show” will be highly promoted letting fans all around the country aware of the show.

Other Empire label artists mentioned above with the exception of X-Maleya due to thier exit will be willing to share and invite thier fans to come fill up the Paposy.

These are a few reasons we could come up with as to why Magasco Will fill up Paposy.

Do you think Magasco Will fill up Paposy? Drop your thoughts in comment section.


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