4 indigenous ways to increase Red Blood Cell counts at home.

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4 indigenous ways to increase Red Blood Cell counts at home.
 Traditional vs Western medications.

Before the creation of Western medications which involved pills, syrups, and others, our ancestors in the old days, Humans greatly exploited what mother nature offered to them.

It is regarded today as the indigenous or traditional method of treatment. It involves the use of leaves, the bark of trees some rare plants which are mixed in endless possibilities for specific disease treatment.

Today I will be emphasizing some indigenous ways to increase your Red Blood Cell count at home.

Definition of RBC

Red Blood Cells (RBC) are the most common type of cell and the vertebrates principal means of delivering oxygen to the body tissues–via blood flow through the circulatory system.

Image of red blood cells.

RBC Normal Range

In male: 4.7 to 6.1 million cells per microLiter ( cells/mcL)

In female: 4.2 to 5.4 million cells/ mcL

Health Tip

It is very important to carry out a regular blood test which includes RBC count. This test will permit you to know if you;

– Within the normal range,

– Above normal range or

– Below normal range.

Finding yourself below normal range will lead to a disease generally known as Anemia whereas above normal range the disease is known as Polycythemias.

The most common disease associated with RBC count is Anemia.

Symptoms of Anemia

Are you feeling weak or fatigued? Do your vision sometimes blur-out? If Yes, you may be experiencing symptoms of anemia which is a result of a low RBC count.

Anemia can put your life at risk for a number of complications, so it is important to check your RBC level so that if it’s low you can quickly get it back on track.


Below is a list of 4 indigenous ways to increase your RBC count at home. I highly recommend these methods if you want rapid and effective change.

1. Malta Guinness, Peak Milk, and Eggs.

Milk and Eggs are reputed for the presence of vitamin B-12 which greatly helps increase the production of RBC in the body


A bottle of Malta Guinness, a container of unsweetened evaporated peak milk, 5 eggs, a transparent bowl, and a wire whisk.

Malta Guinness, 5 eggs, a bowl, unsweetened evaporated peak milk, wire whisk


In a clean bowl, pour out the content of the malt bottle.

Add the concentrated peak milk into it.

Break the 5 eggs. Separate the yolks from the white. Later pour the yolks into a bowl.

With the help of a wire whisk, weep all ingredients together until it blends properly.


Once the mixture is ready, pour it in a glass and drink. Drink it twice a day and I bet you start seeing results.

2. Cassava leaves and Peak Milk.

Cassava leaves are an Iron-rich diet and are believed to increase your body’s production of RBC.


Some few cassava leaves, concentrated peak milk, a mrotar, a pastel, a sieve, a clean bowl, and an empty bottle.

Evaporated milk, bowl, cassava leaves, mortar and pestle, sieve, and a bottle.


Firstly, wash the cassava leaves. Put them in a mortar and pound using a pestle. Keep pounding until the leaves are well mashed and its juice easily extractable.

Image of how the cassava leaves should look like after pounding.

Once this process is complete, place the sieve over a clean bowl and squeeze out the juice of the leaves.

Dispose of the chaff and transfer the liquid content in a clean bottle.


In a clean glass, pour the liquid and later add the concentrated peak milk to it.

For effective results, drink this mixture twice daily for at least 2days.

NB: The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for a duration of 2 days.

3. Beetroot, Egg, Peak Milk, and Top Grenadine.

These ingredients are very rich and iron and vitamin B-12 which is essential for the increase in the production of RBC.


Medium size beetroot, an egg, a container of unsweetened evaporated milk, a bottle of top grenadine, a grater, a sieve, a bowl, and a bottle.

Main ingredients; egg, peak milk, top grenadine, and beetroot.
 Utensils used; bottle, sieve, grater, wire whisk, bowl.


Wash beetroot with clean water and peel off its skin. Grater the beetroot to obtain a fine texture then use a sieve placed over a bowl and squeeze out its juice.

Break the egg and separate the white from its yolk. Pour the yolks into the bowl containing the beetroot juice and whisk with the help of a wire whisk. Add the unsweetened evaporated milk and continue mixing.

Pour out the content of the top grenadine in a clean bottle. To it add the liquid mixture and shake thoroughly.


Pour out the shake in a glass and drink twice daily.

Store in the refrigerator.

4. Irish potatoes, Beetroot, and Honey🍯.

Irish potato is an Iron-rich diet and it contributes a lot to the increase of RBC level in our system.


5 medium-size fresh Irish potatoes, 2 large beetroots, a tablespoon of honey, grater, sieve, a bowl.

Irish potatoes, honey, beetroot, grater, sieve, bowl.


Wash the Irish and the beetroot with clean water and peel off their skin.

Grater both of them and squeeze out their juice on a sieve over a bowl.


Once this is done, pour the mixture into a glass. To it add a tablespoon of honey and stir properly then drink.

For better results, drink this twice daily.


Regular exercise is also beneficial. In addition to promoting overall wellness, exercise is key to RBC production. Vigorous exercise causes the body to need more oxygen. When you need more oxygen, your brain signals your body to create more RBCs.

So in addition to the different RBCs productivity increase listed above, the following exercises could be added to have a more efficient result.

* Jogging

* Running

* Swimming.


Hope these will help you and those around you equally..

As my adage goes ” ignorance is very destructive but knowledge is the fundamental key to our life”.

So please don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, and do a massive share. This might be of help to someone or better still save a life.

Thanks for reading. Wish you a blessed day. Lot’s of love.


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