Download / Téléchargez “Put your hands on we”. Tzy Panchak, Vivid, Okunol, Recky Dasha and Marnick.

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Tzy Panchak aka “The Great” Collaborates with winners of his
“Put your hands on we Challenge” Vivid,Okunol,Recky Dasha,Marnick and serve us with the official music video of the song vibe.

Click Here” To download.

The song talks about the ongoing sociopolitical crisis going on in the north and south west region of cameroon as schools no longer function in that area of the country, and how people now live in the bush because of the crisis.

This song is dedicated not only to fans but especially to those in the North and south west region of Cameroon and  Idp’s who left their various places/homes and are now refugees in a strange land.

Click Here” To Download.

Chorus from song:
\Nothing Nodi waka
\People just di suffer
\Pikin dey for bush
\Papa put your hands on we


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