Varying perspectives vis-à-vis cultural co-existence.

Varying perspectives vis-à-vis cultural co-existence.

Dressed up all good and heading out of the house, I got into a taxi and I realized the taxi driver was staring at me. I could not deduce what the look on his face meant. Upon reaching my destination, he said to me calmly “what you are putting on is not a true reflection of who you are, do not copy from others.” I had never seen this man in my life. But those words stroke my heart like a thief who was being caught in the act. All what I said was “thank you daddy” and I walked away. I have never thought a slightly destroyed jeans trouser was so bad. Then I came to realize that people’s perspectives vary a lot. The way you see things will not be the same way another person sees them. Have you ever wondered why some people see 6 as 6 and others as 9? And vice versa with the number 9 as well. This is because the position or directions we come from are different. Someone standing on the opposite side will view the numbers 6 and 9 as otherwise. Same thing with culture. Your views or opinions about a particular subject matter will vary on the basis of your culture. Culture includes food, dressing, music, behavior, and values. Hence it consists of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes shared by people of the same ethnic or social group. As such, diversity in culture needs to be embraced with some degree of endurance.

Try to be tolerant.

Just like me, many of you have felt embarrassed or mocked by others because of your behavior, values and dressing. You will always meet people like this, it is almost inevitable. Using my encounter with the taxi driver, he did not reign insults on me simply because I was not dressed up to his expectations. He barely cautioned me. That is called tolerance: the ability to endure the existence of opinions or behaviors one disagrees with. For a peaceful co-existence of people from varying cultures, some degree of tolerance and openness to the thoughts, views and behaviors of others need to be applicable. Simply because you dress in a particular way does not compel others to follow your dressing pattern. What seems decent for you may be weird to some other person. It all depends on our background.

Appreciate and value diverse cultures.

Embracing people’s culture is such a big deal to most of us. I have seen people who find it difficult to work with others simply because they do not practice similar cultures. I still find it difficult to understand this adamance to change. Still under the dressing category, piercing for example is highly disregarded by some African parents. Some parents and elderly people consider piercings as a sign of waywardness. But other cultures view this particular way of dressing different. Indians for example believe that ear piercings regulate the menstrual cycle in girls and nose rings though seen as a beauty accessory, is a symbol of wealth. Appreciating and valuing diverse cultures is exploring and respecting the difference of others. Imagine everyone followed the same dress pattern, do you know how boring the world would be?

People say similarity is uniformity. True. But I know you have a beautiful and outstanding personality because you are different. Strive to be unique.

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    Good attempt made to illustrate dressing as a mode of communication. I know dressing still worries a lot of people today. The issue is with acceptance, considering the context! Imagine ‘destroyed’ jeans in church?? The church culture does not appreciate that (people are always reminded to dress properly before coming to church). Also visualize a journalist in destroyed jeans? No responsible interviewee will take you seriously. Courage!

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    Good wright up sis!!,we actually have to accept people’s culture, norms and beliefs.

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