Watch “Runnin” by The Njungis.

Watch “Runnin” by The Njungis.

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Rap couple Askia and Qilla who just recently got married and have been showering us with love photos all over social media platforms have been the talk for the week, from their marriage which was attended by some of 237 finest like Daphne, Blaise B and lots more not forgetting about Askia’s pergnancy.

Click Here” To watch “Runnin“.

Runnin is a love track performed by the couple. In the track they express their feelings and emotions for each other and Askia delivers this chorus which might sweep most off their feet. Askia and Qilla wrote this track after a big fight and in Someway made a challenge to who will narrate their start togeda better.

Click Here” to watch “Runnin“.

Runnin was produced by beat maker Young OJ who definately did an amazing job with the beats.

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